The Daily Show in Iraq: Operation Fluffy Bunny [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart and correspondent Rob Riggle debunk the claims of hawks like Lieberman, Lindsey Graham and Indiana's Rep. Mike Pence, that Baghdad is just as peaceful as an "Indiana market in the summertime."
"I bought five rugs for five bucks!," boasts South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham. "It's like an Indiana market in the summertime!," says Rep. Mike Pence. Yeah...right. Rob Riggle, a vet himself, does a great segment where he compares Iraq to Indiana and finds, not so surprisingly, that they're not the similar at all. This is why it's terrific that the Daily Show is doing live reports from Iraq this week. These absurd statements from Lieberman et al., have been in need of serious ridicule and the majority of the press just won't do it. They just let these guys come back from Iraq saying how amazing it is over there and no one calls them on their bullshit. The Daily Show pulls this off and gets a Forrest Gump parody squeezed in to boot. Check out the video to your right for more.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.