Gen. Wesley Clark: "We Are Not Questioning the Generals. Mr. President, We Are Questioning You!"

Taylor Marsh: Wesley Clark's exhilarating keynote speech at Yearly Kos brought the audience to its feet cheering.
This post, written by Taylor Marsh, originally appeared on The Huffington Post

"That makes me feel awfully good and I haven't even announced yet." -- Former General Wesley Clark

When Clark entered the place went wild, thus the statement above. He was kidding.

Wesley Clark unloaded both barrels today and gave a tremendously powerful keynote speech this morning. This man has learned a lot since his 2004 presidential run. The way he speaks and delivers his message is nothing short of exhilarating and inspiring. Hope to have the full audio a bit later.

Clark spoke widely of U.S. foreign policy. One of the subjects he touched more than once is the importance of negotiating between the Israelis and the Palestinians and getting a settlement between them.

When it came to Iraq, Clark didn't mince words.

"We are not questioning the generals. Mr. President, we are questioning you! Stop hiding behind Dave Petraeus."- Wesley Clark

That rally brought a standing ovation from the entire room, with cheers from front to the back of the grand ballroom.

Clark also didn't miss a moment to go at one of the '08 contenders.

"It seems everything reminds Rudy Giuliani of 9/11." -- Wesley Clark

One of the common threads I'm hearing from a lot of military men and veterans, all Democrats, is that we need to get out of Iraq, but we have to careful about how we do it. To paraphrase Clark, history doesn't stop when the last soldier walks down the road to Basra. We will still have interests in the region after Iraq. I'll be addressing this discussion, which is opening out on the most important aspect of what we're about to face in Iraq, how we redeploy when Republican support for this disaster crumbles in the fall, a bit later today on my blog.

Clark also talked about the argument against Iraq and how to mount our debate against what Bush is doing. He advised us to not play on Bush's turf, because it's not about the troop force. The troops have done an amazing job. It's about putting the intelligence back in our policy.
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