Beyond Barack's Big Bucks

Jerome Armstrong: Barack Obama has raised more primary money than any Democrat has...ever. What does that mean?
This post, written by Jerome Armstrong, originally appeared on MyDD

Obama "raised at least $32.5 million including at least $31 million that we can spend on the battle for the Democratic nomination."

Impressive; I wonder how much came from the internet.

This is an interesting memo that Obama's has released and aimed at his supporters. It's notable that in that it doesn't carry the light language that has been typical coming from the Obama's campaign-- it actually talks a bit tougher and takes on the perceived front-runner status of Clinton (though weirdly referring to her as "the quasi-incumbent" instead of just by name).

Mainly by showing from history that the polls haven't been predictive of whom is going to win the Democratic nomination in the past. But it would also be instructive to add, following Dean in '04, that neither has the one with the most money been who won either. You do have to reach a threshold to win the nomination, but more money doesn't do you any more good in Iowa. In 2003, Kerry needed just $5M the final three months of the campaign to win in Iowa.

The memo also attempts to take on Edwards (though without any poll reference of the claim) by stating over the issue of electability that:
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