Springing Head-first Into Another Foreign Policy Disaster

Vanja Petrovic: The recent White House-approved political attacks against the Kremlin are a game of smokes and mirrors.
Apparently the Bush administration thinks the best way to welcome the president of a country with an enormous nuclear arsenal is through a series of political attacks and accusations. You know, now that I think about it, why be diplomatic and fair? Why don't we just accuse Russia and Vladimir Putin of terrorist-aiding activities, freedom-hating and anti-Americanism?

"Security dilemma, what's that?" says the Bush White House.

I suppose I should explain myself. In the past couple of days, Russia has expressed concern about the United States placing 10 antimissile interceptors in Poland and missile-tracking radar in the Czech Republic.

Condoleezza Rice called these fears "ludicrous," and Thursday, a top Russia expert in the State Department issued a fresh series of accusations. Among other things, David Kramer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. Dept. of State, said the Kremlin was "bullying its neighbors while silencing political opponents and suppressing individual rights at home."

Bullying neighbors -- wait, I thought that was the history of America.

Silencing political opponents -- hmm, how about voter suppression and fraudulent elections? Or the firing of eight U.S. attorneys because they didn't go after the right people, according to the Bush White House.

Suppressing individual rights at home -- all I have to say to that is "Patriot Act".

And this all amidst Bush's invitation to Putin to visit his family compound in Maine.

Through ignoring the fears of a country that is legitimately concerned about its security (Russia), the White House is walking dangerous line between stability and a renewed arms race/security dilemma. You simply can't put antimissile interceptors next door to a number of rivals and expect everything to be cool! You just can't.

Putting antimissile interceptors and a missile tracking radar in Europe will not only shake America's relationship with Russia, it could also give Iran an incredible incentive to hurry up and build some nukes because they also have an American military base next door.

In addition, Iran is experiencing Iraq's society and government spiral steadily downward at the hands of the United States. They don't want the same to happen to them

This is an obvious game of smokes and mirrors. The White House wants to rally public support against Russia through hypocritical accusations in order to carry out its plan to keep the world in check and fearful of America's military power .

The American people can't let themselves get tricked into any more foreign policy disasters. We have a little over a year to go under this administration. So, let's keep a leveled head and realize that, yes, the Kremlin might be horrible, but we ain't any better.

Fix the Patriot Act fiasco, fix Guantanamo Bay, fix the Iraq situation, then worry about Russia.
Vanja Petrovic is an editorial intern with
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