Thompson campaign may hire Rove's protégé

Melissa McEwan: Tim Griffin, Rove's handpicked US attorney has just resigned, and apparently having your name tainted in the "Attorneygate" scandal makes you the perfect addition to Fred Thompson's team.
This post originally appeared on Shakesville

Rove protégé Tim Griffin, who replaced Attorneygater Bud Cummins as Eastern Arkansas' US Attorney, has resigned.

Michael Teague, a spokesperson for Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR), commented: "His departure from the US Attorney Office for the Eastern District of Arkansas is a positive development and the Senator is looking forward to having credible leadership restored there." Ouch!

But don't weep for Griffin, who looks to land on his feet: Presumed GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson's campaign is already "in talks" with him about taking a top job with the campaign. Of course they are.
Melissa McEwan is the founder and editor of Shakesville, an award-winning blog with a diverse group of international contributurs and an eye on progressive politics and culture. A freelance writer and graphic designer, McEwan lives in suburban Chicago with two cats and a Scotsman.
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