Bush doesn't deny Gonzales' visit to Ashcroft's hospital room [VIDEO]

Bush dodges a question regarding new allegations that Alberto Gonzales tried to force a gravely ill John Ashcroft to sign off on warrantless wiretapping.
It seems like President Bush always has two ways of responding to any reporter's question regarding an ongoing scandal (of which there are always many) or possible crime perpetrated by himself or someone in his administration. He first suggests that the subject is just far too "sensitive" to address--in this case the then Chief of Staff, Andy Card and Alberto Gonzales trying to bully the Attorney General and his deputy into signing off on illegal wiretaps. Then he switches tactics and starts droning on about protecting America and "national security". I seem to remember another president who seemed to think he could break the law however and whenever he pleased all in the name of national security. That guy was eventually forced out of office. Does the same fate await Bush? For now we can only dream.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.