Pelosi talks tough on Iraq, but talk is cheap

David Swanson: Hey whaddya know? There's no "timeline" in Pelosi's new Iraq bill.
by David Swanson from David

President Bush vetoed a war spending bill because it included a deadline for ending the war, albeit a non-binding one. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has proposed to hold a vote on Thursday on a new bill that will not include even a nonbinding "timeline." The media and even activist groups have almost immediately and almost unanimously described this as standing tough and refusing to give in to Bush.

In fact, most of the media coverage has dropped any mention of the very idea of including a deadline. And most of the media coverage has never mentioned the bill's inclusion, both in its previous version and the latest draft, of a requirement that Iraq pass an oil law expected to transfer control of much of that country's oil to U.S. corporations. The peace movement, as well as Democratic Party Astroturf-roots groups masquerading as a peace movement, are well aware of the oil law, but are not saying much. The new bill, like the old one, does nothing to oppose an aggressive attack on Iran.

In defense of Pelosi, the media, half the country, and my sanity, it is true that, while giving Bush what he wants in terms of no deadline, the new bill arguably gives Bush something else he does not want. The bill only funds the war for a couple of months, after which another bill will have to be passed. And passage of the next bill is supposedly made dependent on Bush's puppet government in Iraq meeting certain "benchmarks," including handing over the oil. But is handing over the oil really something that Bush does not want? And is hoping the Republicans in Congress will turn against Bush in two months a better bet than working with the Democrats who already oppose him and hold a majority in both houses?