Food Chain in Crisis?

Richard Blair: The FDA is dealing with the potential enormity of the contaminated wheat gluten crisis about as effectively as FEMA dealt with Katrina.
It's impossible not to be concerned about the exploding story of deadly pet food, and way more importantly, the now confirmed entry of the problem into our own food chain.

CNN is reporting this evening that as many as 2.5 million people may have recently eaten chickens that were fed with contaminated feed. And the more I read about the melamine tainted wheat gluten issue, the more I'm realizing that the FDA is dealing with the potential enormity of this disaster about as effectively as FEMA dealt with Katrina.

Here's CNN's lede:
People have eaten millions of chickens that were given feed tainted with recalled pet food, federal officials said Tuesday, though they said the threat to human health is minimal.
The announcement came after an investigation of chicken farms in Indiana found that 38 of the facilities had given contaminated feed to poultry raised for human consumption, and that 2.5 million to 3 million people ate them.
The officials added that they expect to discover that chickens on possibly hundreds of farms in other states were also given tainted feed...
Additionally, the article goes on to report that potentially contaminated pork has been sold in some areas of the U.S. The upshot? Basically, any grain fed livestock, free-range or not, is potentially at risk. The FDA's response? In essence, it would appear that they're doing little more than damage control for the Chinese government, and engaging in an ass-covering exercise for the U.S. companies involved...
Richard Blair is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer, and the blogmaster of All Spin Zone.
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