Student Offensive: Guns in Your Backpack

Rosie was right: significant gun control is impossible...but I got to thinking, what if the wing nuts win? Will we arm college students? And what about the children?
A study published in theHarvard Gazettefound that there were 30,000 deaths per year from handguns and another 65,000 injuries caused by them. But lets face it, Rosie O'Donnell was right, the gun industry is almost completely impervious to public outcry. On the other hand, you can win millions if you are burned by hot coffee...etc.(sigh).

Following the Virginia Tech massacre, some wingnut on theBrian Lehrer Show(WNYC) speculated that if the students had all carried guns, the massacre could have been avoided. Presumably, the students would have become a veritable army of sharpshooters...

So let's run with this scenario: Despite the fact that gun possession,, even toy gun possession, and even in one case possession of scissors, is cause for suspension in K-12,what if we just gave up and armed college students?And what follows next?

Obviously, then, students must be able to defend themselves in secondary school, even as early as preschool. Think of all the practice the kids would have by college. Think of the stimulus this would give the economy as entrepreneurs rush to fill the void.

Nobody in the Bush Administration is counting bodies, anyway. What they are counting is money from the NRA and gun industry lobbyists.
Joan Conde blogs at Mamacita.
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