Sexual violence against indigenous women

Lucinda Marshall: An excellent new report from Amnesty on the impact of sexual assault on Native American women.
This is a guest post from Lucinda Marshall at the Feminist Peace Network.

Amnesty International has just issued an excellent report on the impact of sexual assault on indigenous American women.

While much progress has been made in naming and addressing the problem of sexual assault against women in general (albeit with much remaining to accomplish), the specific harms and context relative to American Indian and Alaska Native tribes is rarely addressed and little understood. This report goes a long way in addressing these issues. The introductory editorial for the report begins with this quote from activist Sarah Deer:
The right to exist in a world free from violence is a basic tenet in many indigenous cultures and governments. The epidemic of sexual violence perpetrated against Native American women in the United States reflects a fundamental breakdown in the cultural and legal norms that have served to provide protection to Native women from time immemorial.
In addition, AI has posted an excellent commentary by Monica Aleman which reads in part: