Kerry: Dick Cheney "the 'American Idol' of outlandish claims"

Bob Geiger: Democrats responding rapidly to White House attacks
It can't be easy for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to be holed up in a White House they have turned into their own private Fantasyland. Bound by stubbornness and a warped agenda no longer supported by most Americans, they're now forced to stick to the same old distortions and lies about Iraq despite knowing that the public no longer believes in them or their war.

And, with the help of other leading Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is sticking to his guns and staying on message about what the American people resoundingly said in November -- which is that they’ve had it with Team Bush's failed Iraq policy and they want the grown-ups in the Democratic party to take over.

Reid must have known that the right-wing smear machine would come after him when he truthfully announced on the Senate floor that "We are less secure from the many threats to our national security than we were when the war began. As long as we follow the President's path in Iraq, the war is lost."

White House surrogates have been attacking Reid ever since, but they rolled out Dick Cheney on Tuesday to join in the smears and even made Bush himself quit watching Cartoon Network long enough to throw in some distortions.
Bob Geiger is a political writer, specializing in coverage of the United States Senate for AlterNet and other Progressive web sites. You can reach Bob at [email protected] and read more from him at
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