Olbermann: Bush's War on logic [VIDEO]

Constantly finding new ways to mislead...
Olbermann does his thing, dissecting the Bush story for its sophisticated spin and dazzling stupidity.... Here's the transcript...

Late-breaking news tonight on why a suspension may not be the final punishment for Don Imus, coming up.

First, stunning words of far greater consequence, spoken amid far less accountability, that are literally life or death for thousands of Americans, not from a radio host, but from a president.

Our fifth story on the COUNTDOWN, the last time President Bush addressed the American Legion, last August, his remarks kicked off a preelection propaganda campaign so destructive, it ultimately cost his party control of Congress.

When he addressed the American Legion again this morning, Mr. Bush tried to foist blame for his administration having extended tours of duty for thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq onto Democrats in Congress, because they have refused to rubber-stamp his failed plan for that conflict.

What it might cost him this time, perhaps any credibility he has left.

The president‘s remarks at once familiar, while finding new ways to mislead.

We begin tonight with the familiar, the 9/11 drumbeat about...
Evan Derkacz is an AlterNet editor. He writes and edits PEEK, the blog of blogs.
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