Tinderbox: Turkey and the Iraqi Kurds

Philip Barron: The fire next time will be in Kurdistan...and the sparks are flying now.
Each time we come back to the slow-boil disaster that is Turkey and the Kurds of northern Iraq, the situation is closer to a spillover. Last May, we saw that George Bush's laissez-faireapproach to that region had resulted in a dangerous absence of dialogue between the parties. Back in August, we witnessed the literally explosive developmentof Turkey and Iran massing troops on the border and lobbing shells into Iraqi territory. As I remarked at the time:
Turkey - an American ally, a member of NATO, and wannabe European Union member - has long awaited the help of the United States on the matter of the PPK hiding out in Iraq, but to no avail. Now Iran - which cares little for the US or its concerns - is demonstrating to Turkey that waiting on America is a fool's game.
Turkey seems to have decided that it's tired of playing that game. This from Juan Cole:
Philip Barron is a St. Louis writer and author of the blog Waveflux.