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Message to Readers: Help Us Keep the Bushies' Feet to the Fire

Tired of the war in Iraq, broken elections and crushing debt? Here's one way you can help.
As an AlterNet reader, you've probably read Joshua Holland's hard-hitting stories on Iraq and the economy. But a grant covering his full-time work has expired and his expertise doesn't come for free. So I'm reaching out to you for help. Please donate and help underwrite Joshua's full-time coverage today.

Josh is making waves. Last January, Senator Jim McDermott said before Congress that every American should read Joshua's AlterNet story, "Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil," an investigative report that paints a disturbing picture about big oil's attempt to steal the oil wealth of the Iraqi people.

Please help ensure that we have the resources for him to cover the war in Iraq from every possible angle, and cover issues that affect us every day on the home front.

As an AlterNet investor, you will have the personal satisfaction of knowing you are supporting independent media and our efforts to provide trustworthy journalism, to ask the hard questions, and to think beyond the strong-arm tactics of the right-wing propaganda machine.

I am happy to tell you that AlterNet is more popular than ever -- with over 2 million visitors like you each month. Our community prides itself on hard-hitting stories, videos and blog posts by talented writers and readers covering the entire gamut of pressing issues including the war in Iraq, elections, religious extremism and more.

I'm hoping to have Joshua back on board full-time in the next two weeks, which is why I'm asking for your support today.
Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.
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