Pelosi Wears Hijab; Right wingers bark at moon

Barbara O'Brien: A short history of headscarves...
Of all the dumb things to get worked up into a snit about, this one is almost as dumb as Ann Althouse's boob post.

The jolly folks at Little Green Footballs have gone batshit bleeping crazy because Nancy Pelosi wore a headscarf to visit a mosque in Syria. "Pelosi in a hijab!" they shriek.

Hello? Some of us old enough to remember when women were required to cover their hair in Catholic churches. Here's the divine Jackie with that first guy she married outside a church sometime in the late 1950s.

Apparently scarves are still a requirement at the Vatican.

[Update] Speaking of Laura Bush, here's a lovely photograph of her...
Barbara O'Brien has guest blogged at the Take Back America Conference, Glenn Greenwald's, Unclaimed Territory, and Crooks and Liars. She is the "owner/proprietor" of The Mahablog.
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