The Threat of a "Clean" Iraq Supplemental Bill

David Sirota: The prospects of a bill setting the antiwar movement back is still a very real possibility.
I have a new editorial in this month's edition of In These Times about the unfortunate differences between majority opinion in Congress and majority opinion in the country at large. To give folks some sense of what I meant when I say Congress's majority - unlike the majority among the American public - is not antiwar, consider the words of Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), a member of the Progressive and Out of Iraq caucuses. He told the Hill Newspaper that if the current supplemental goes down, "the alternative will be to pass a clean supplemental" without any antiwar provisions whatsoever. "Then," he said, "you’re giving the administration a blank check," which would be a huge step backwards for those of us fighting to end the war. Echoing this sentiment is antiwar Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who correctly writes in a new Minneapolis Star Tribune op-ed that "a no vote on this appropriation bill would be a vote to continue the war indefinitely."
David Sirota is a veteran political strategist and author of Hostile Takeover, a New York Times bestseller about the corruption of both political parties.
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