Kerry shipmates, Dodd come out strong against swift-boat donor nomination

Bob Geiger: Dodd says Fox should not become diplomat
It shouldn't take this much work to stand up for the truth but, just like they did in 2004, men who actually served with Senator John Kerry in Vietnam are coming forward to affirm their knowledge of the highly-decorated combat Veteran and to again go up against the smear merchants who attacked Kerry during his presidential run.

The occasion this time is the nomination of Sam Fox of St. Louis to be the new American Ambassador to Belgium. While it's sadly not unusual to have an unqualified person, who happens to be a big political donor, rewarded with a diplomatic post, Fox truly ups the ante in that arena by virtue of a whopping $50,000 donation he made to the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004.

"We write to urge the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to oppose the nomination of Mr. Sam Fox for United States Ambassador to Belgium," reads a letter addressed to Joe Biden (D-DE) and Richard Lugar (R-IN), the Chairman and ranking Republican, respectively, on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"As Swift Boat veterans who served together in Vietnam, we strongly believe that Mr. Fox does not deserve to be confirmed for this position. We have been frustrated to hear some suggest that the 2004 election is in the past and we should 'get over it.' Those who make that argument forget that this wasn’t just about an election; John Kerry may have been the target of the lies of the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, but he wasn’t alone in having his military record falsely impugned."
Bob Geiger is a writer, activist and Democratic operative in Westchester County, NY. You can reach Bob at [email protected] and read more from him at
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