Olbermann does Attorneygate [VIDEO x 2]

Richard Blair: The last 12 hours have been full of new twists & turns...
Let's just recap quickly, as there have been quite a few interesting developments over the past 12 hours:

1. Monica Goodling of A.G. Gonzales' staff has lawyered up, and her attorney (John Dowd, of Pete Rose and John McCain / Keating S&L scandal fame) fired off a lengthy letter to whoever in congress would read it, stating that she will invoke her 5th amendment right not to testify before a congressional committee. There's a whole lot of nuance to this piece of the story, but suffice it to say that Goodling's way out on a limb with her invocation of the 5th. And Dowd's on very shaky legal ground. Conventional wisdom: Dowd's letter is fishing for an immunity deal for Goodling from Sen. Pat Leahy.

2. Alberto Gonzales did an appearance on NBC last night, with Bush 41 sidekick Pete Williams conducting the interview - and gawd, if Abu Al came off that bad with a supporter and journalistic enabler like Williams, what will actually happen when someone in congress is tossing him some hardball questions - under oath? Keith Olbermann did a "must see" segment [VIDEO upper right] on AttorneyGate yesterday evening. Conventional wisdom: Gonzales is as incompetent as he appears to be (a hallmark of most Bush regime appointees).

3. The White House is apparently...
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