Obama, "magical 'igger"?

John Ridley: Damned if you vote for him, damned if you don't...
Guest post by novelist John Ridley; first appeared on Huffington Post.

My wife hates it when I use the word nigger.

Other people hate it, too.

I don't care about other people.

Love my wife.

From now on I will use the word 'igger. Mostly.

But that's not really what I'm writing about.

I'm writing about the bizarre spectacle of left-leaning blacks cannibalizing Barack Obama, which I had long thought had reached its apogee.

Silly me.

Whether blacks vote Obama or not - I don't yet know if I'll be tossing my vote his way - there oughta be a certain glee that comes from seeing a black man build on other's success and move toward a higher plain. Isn't that how we're supposed to function as blacks: each of us scaling the ladder, laying down a rung for those subsequent to us? But the self-haters don't see it that way. They keep stockpiling future weapons of idiocy to go after the guy.

Why, I don't know. The partisan hacks and far right attack poodles are in a prime position to do the work for them without being so obvious with their self-loathing.

But same as bounty hunters tracking freed men, the enablers of our race keep going after Obama.

Or, at least in a remix of an old song, they're now going after whites that'd dare support a black man.

Some guy writing for the LA Times - and, yeah, he's got a name but I'll be damned if I'm going to give him any ink - whipped up a piece that actually begins with some interesting insight:
John Ridley is a novelist and frequent commentator for PBS and NPR.