Yo, Republicans, micromanage <i>this</i>

Bob Geiger: GOP mantra: "Repeat after me..."
You've got to hand it to Republicans: When they get a word or phrase that they want to push into the public consciousness, they not only repeat it with unparalleled discipline but the parroting of the nonsensical phrase du jour starts at the very top of the party and goes right on down to your local GOP dogcatcher.

"Cut and run" was useful to them for a long time until they discovered that they were accusing the vast majority of the American people of being cowards -- so they dropped that one after voters used the last election to tell them to shut the hell up. The latest word you hear coming out of every Republican's mouth is "micromanage," as in the Democrats in Congress are trying to "micromanage the military" when it comes to the disastrous effort in Iraq.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Mike Duncan sent an e-mail blast to his knuckle-dragging followers on Thursday and he had it right up there in the first sentence:

"You've read recently about Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha's attempts to micromanage the Iraq war from the U.S. House," he writes, keeping the overall e-mail short, to not challenge his average reader's attention span. "Well, not to be outdone, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate are taking up a resolution today that would force President Bush to withdraw our troops from Iraq whether we have reached our goals or not."

You've been hearing that a lot lately out of the RNC and every GOP talking head making the rounds on cable news shows and it looks like the crew in the White House got the same memo.
Bob Geiger is a writer, activist and Democratic operative in Westchester County, NY. You can reach Bob at [email protected] and read more from him at
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