Updated: Fired U.S. Attorney's damning testimony [VIDEO]

Inspiration for Tom Cruise character in "A Few Good Men" describes Republican pressure before firing... Rove in on the firing...
The Libby verdict, increasing chaos in Iraq, the Walter Reed debacle, tanking polls -- the Republican shit is hitting the fan.

Which may well be why Bush is in South America "pushing Democracy" to a region that already loves Democracy -- just not the U.S. so much, according to the latest PIPA poll.

Adding to GOP woes is the revelation of the politically-motivated firings of at least 6 U.S. Attorneys by the Alberto Gonsales-led Justice Department. DoJ claims they were for "performance-related" issues but the reality is, all had received positive reports.

One of the fired attorneys, David Iglesias (the inspiration behind the Tom Cruise character in "A Few Good Men"), appeared before a Senate Committee to testify to the suspicious series of phone calls he received at home from Republican lawmakers in his state, New Mexico.

One came from Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) who was embroiled in a difficult race for reelection and sought information about indictments against her political opponents -- a possible violation of House Ethics Rules, according to CREW (UPDATE: An ethics complaint actually has to be filed by a member of the House).

The other came from Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM), who hung up on him just a few weeks before his firing, although Domenici is having a hell of a time keeping his story straight.

Watch the testimony above right....

Update: Over the weekend, the Chairman of New Mexico's Republican Party claimed that after urging Rove to fire Iglesias, Rove told him "He's Gone."
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