Cartoon: MRI of Ann Coulter's Brain Reveals Startling Facts

Mamacita: MRI of Ann Coulter's Brain Reveals Startling Facts
Scientists are using brain scans in order to determine which parts of the brain are involved in making decisions. MRIs show that different areas of the brain light up according to a person's intention. For example, Ann Coulter's brain showed that her intention regarding her recent remarks calling John Edwards a "faggot" came from the "White Trash" section of her brain, also called the "Slur-tex." Researchers noted that the "Cash-o-la" and "Homocidal" areas of the brain also showed activity.

They confirmed an abnormality in her brain which showed an area of schizophrenic activity, between intentions to classify all women as dimwits and intentions to raise herself above them. Visit here for the Center for the Advancement of Women's"Ann Coulter Does Not Speak for Me"campaign and spin the dial to see more of her views.
Joan Conde blogs at Mamacita.
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