Is the feminist sisterhood more sorority than social justice?

Jessica Valenti: The Feminist Sorority
Guest post by Jessica Valenti.

A sorority at DePauw University in Indiana has recently come under fire for dismissing 23 sisters for being "socially awkward." The women evicted from the Delta Zeta house included every woman who was overweight and the only black, Korean, and Vietnamese members.

The national officers of Delta Zeta claim to have booted the "undesirable" women because of their inability to attract new recruits to the sorority. As I read the unbelievably pathetic excuses given by the sorority for their actions, it occurred to me that in the same way Delta Zeta resorted to active exclusion as a recruitment strategy, mainstream feminists rely on passive exclusionary tactics to keep the movement "pure."

In discussing this idea with some of my feminist and blogging peers, we all agreed that there's a generational...
Jessica Valenti is founder and editor of Feministing. Her new book is Full Frontal Feminism is due out this Spring.