Hedges bets on Nader?

Jan Frel: Chris Hedges thinks that because Hillary is a disaster, Ralph Nader is the answer. Dream on.
"But when Nader hinted in San Francisco that he might run if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton became the Democratic Party nominee, I knew I would be working for his campaign if he indeed entered the race." -- Chris Hedges.

Ralph Nader isn't the answer. Ralph Nader is a relic from the last political era in Washington where meaningful regulatory reform was possible -- Nixon+Gerald Ford. Those days are long gone. You can't have DC-based corporate reform anymore. Forget it.

If you were curious about the discrepancy between 80% of Americans hating corporations and Ralph Nader's >1%-2.7% showing in presidential races, you might conclude that there was something that most Americans didn't like about the way Nader said he was going to solve the problem, which was more or less that he would pull on the levers in Washington and regulate our way out of the corporate state. You'd expect Nader to at least consider it, but I don't think he has.

What Nader doesn't get is that while corporate power is high on our hate lists, so is the idea that anything good is going to come out of Washington.
Jan Frel is AlterNet's senior editor.