The Conservapedia has a Racist Agenda

Jill Tubman: Schlafly's anti-feminist, ultra-conservative wiki...
Guest post by Jill Tubman.

The Conservapedia was recently launched as a rival to the Wikipedia.

The Eagle Forum sponsors this repugnant trash. You know the Eagle Forum -- it's Phyllis Schlafly the anti-feminist ultra-conservative. She's against Title IX, against "judicial activism" (code word = nigger loving dismantlers of segregation) and pro-Mexican border fence.

Here's a quote from one of her recent columns supporting Pat Buchanan's just-published book State of Emergency on immigration:
Today, our elites celebrate diversity rather than American ideals and identity. To justify the enormous numbers of foreign born entering the United States, legally and illegally, we are reminded ad nauseam that we are a nation of immigrants.
However, immigrants, legal and illegal, don't come to America because of our diversity of residents, but because we are a land of freedom and opportunity. Most of the creators of our unique land were not immigrants.
Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 48 were native-born Americans and two of the others came to this country as babies. Of the 39 signers of the U.S. Constitution, 32 were native-born Americans, and the few signers of both documents who were not native-born all came from Great Britain or British colonies.
The most diversity we had in the founding of America was that some came from big states like Massachusetts and some from small states like Delaware.
Buchanan's book lists all the obvious solutions: no amnesty, a border fence, eliminate birthright citizenship and taxpayer-paid social benefits, prohibit dual citizenship, require businesses to match employees' Social Security numbers, and time-out on legal immigration.
Right. So let's take a look at her alternative to the Wikipedia which supposedly...
Jill Tubman blogs at Jack and Jill Politics.
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