Jim Wallis & The Seduction Of Unreason

Bruce Wilson: "Religious Left Leader" tied to centuries old tradition of attack on the Enlightenment
"The vision we will put forward in this book for our contemporary society is simply the content of what the Old Testament prophets, Jesus, and the New Testament writers had to say.... When we come closer to the vision, our practice of citizenship is always enlivened; when we move away from it, apathy and withdrawal grow like a cancer in the body politic." ["God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and The Left Doesn't Get It", by Jim Wallis,  Page 28]
First of all, Jim Wallis does not claim to be a leader of the religious left. But, mainstream media chooses to treat him as such. OK, let's move on. During the summer or 2005, at the beach, I read "God's Politics" and compiled a list of quotes, from the book, which I thought were notable. I treated the quotes as logical assertions, and strung them together as a narrative. The result was hard to distinguish from rhetoric of James Dobson or arguments of the Family Research Council and, indeed, comprised what may be the central narrative animating the modern American religious right political movement : that American society and the American moral fabric have been unraveling for decades and unnamed "secularists", liberal theologians, Liberal politicians, and American secular government itself, are to blame. The solution, per Wallis ? - Christianity, and more Christianity. Such notions, though, are not of Wallis' making - they actually are hundreds of years old and trace back to the Counter-Enlightenment.
Bruce Wilson writes for Talk To Action, a blog specializing in faith and politics.
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