New JFK footage excites conspiracy theorists [VIDEO]

Of bunching coats & exit wounds...
Here's that new JFK footage just prior to his assassination in Dallas, 1963.

Apparently, George Jefferies has been holding on to this previously-unseen footage for 40+ years until his son-in-law convinced him to donate it to a museum. A glimpse at the nearly 40 seconds of footage goes a long way to revealing just why Jefferies believed his footage to be nearly meaningless. It's pretty uneventful.

But ahhhh, not to the conspiracy theorists who note that the bulge in the president's jacket supports the allegation that, according to BBC: "the entry wound in his body did not appear to match the expected position in his coat, which would add fuel to claims that more than three shots were fired."

Personally, I don't want to troll around for too long on the JFK conspiracy sites. If any reader wants to dig up the "new" information, be my guest. Post in comments...
Evan Derkacz is an AlterNet editor. He writes and edits PEEK, the blog of blogs.
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