Bush on Bin Laden: "I will screw him in the ass!"

Now I REALLY want bin Laden caught...
In Uri Dan's new biography of Ariel Sharon, the recently-deceased Israeli reporter related an interesting tidbit of squirm-in-your-chair, homo-erotic machismo from our Commander-in-Chaps:
Speaking of George Bush, with whom Sharon developed a very close relationship, Uri Dan recalls that Sharon's delicacy made him reluctant to repeat what the president had told him when they discussed Osama bin Laden. Finally he relented. And here is what the leader of the Western world, valiant warrior in the battle of cultures, promised to do to bin Laden if he caught him: "I will screw him in the ass!"
Wow. Can't say I'm the least bit surprised, but I do have to say that it's more than a bit revealing. In more than the obvious way, that is.

If you view gay anal sex as an evil and abhorrent act, yet you're willing to do it to exact revenge, it goes a long way to describe the president's corrupt theology.

Stick with me here for a sec, and please don't think for a minute I give much truck to Biblical injunctions against gay sex or love.

Simply this: Bush is willing to DO what he believes is evil. This is EXACTLY what Jesus' (or Ghandi's) message was NOT. That is, while our weakest, basest impulses may compel us to act evil toward our enemies, the brilliance of these spiritual masters was to urge us toward a different path.
Evan Derkacz is an AlterNet editor. He writes and edits PEEK, the blog of blogs.