Juan Cole Challenges White House's Iran Intel [VIDEO]

On Keith Olbermann's program, Juan Cole Calls Bullshit...
Blogger, Middle East scholar and professor Juan Cole smelled a rat (as did just about everyone but the press) when three anonymous defense and intelligence officials claimed to have evidence that Iran was arming the Iraqi insurgency.

Cole rips the "intel" apart, noting that these weapons aren't difficult to make, that there's a thriving black market and that many weapons were simply left behind after the US invasion or Iraq, unprotected and there for the taking...

N.B.: Bush has since essentially retracted that intelligence, blaming it on a messenger.

Among the upcoming events that address Iran, Iraq, and impeachment, is an emergency summit by World Can't Wait -- Drive Out the Bush Regime. Debra Sweet, World Can’t Wait's director had this to say about the need for impeachment: "An illegal war in Iraq spinning out of control, legalized torture, NSA spying – these constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. The program of the Bush administration must be repudiated by removing him from office before his term expires, or the whole direction he is taking society will be legitimated and made permanent."

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Evan Derkacz is an AlterNet editor. He writes and edits PEEK, the blog of blogs.