Security pros enter porn popup case

Experts probe the corrupted computer that could send a teacher to jail.
Security experts performed another forensic analysis on the computer that flashed pornographic popups during a language arts class in Connecticut in 2004. Julie Amero the substitute teacher on duty that day was convicted on four felony counts in connection with the incident.

The prosecution claimed that Amero was surfing for porn in class. Amero's defense team determined that her computer was infected with malware that automatically generated the deluge of pornographic popups. Due to procedural missteps, the defense was not allowed to present most of its original forensic data during the trial.

Now, the Register reports that an independent team of researchers led by Alex Eckelberry of Sunbelt Software performed extensive testing on the computer that caused all this trouble. The final results of their inquiry are not yet public, but the team is confident that their inquiry can help clear Amero's name.

[The Register]
Lindsay Beyerstein a New York writer blogging at Majikthise.
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