War on Iraq

Audio Slideshow: From Washington, DC with Peace

Hundreds of thousands of people marched on Washington this Saturday to protest the war. Experience it yourself with imagery and sounds captured by photojournalist Nina Berman.
In the first anti-war protest since the Democrats assumed power in Congress, a huge crowd exceeding organizer expectations of 100,000, marched on Washington D.C. demanding an immediate pullout of American troops from Iraq. With chants of "impeach Bush" and "pull out now," the crowd marched from the Mall, past the Supreme Court and around Congress.

Below is a multimedia experience of the march, including sound from Anthony Reshawn, a Maryland labor organizer; actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon; actress Jane Fonda -- who gave her first speech at an antiwar march in 34 years. Few House members and no Senators were present to comment.

(Please note that the "large" version of this slideshow is currently unavailable.)
Nina Berman is a photographer and the author of Purple Hearts: Back From Iraq.