Updated: Former page rips Republicans for Foley Scandal [VIDEO]

Calls Ethics Committee's findings "useless" and "disappointing." Top Dem knew about Foley...
Zack Hall, a page during the Foley era, called the House Ethics Committee's findings in the Foley scandal "useless" and "disappointing" in an interview with MSNBC (video right).

The committee found that although the Republican leadership had known about, and covered up Foley's behavior, they didn't technically break any congressional rules.

If this scandal happened in any other realm, Hastert, Boehner and Reynolds would likely be in jail, Hall says, but not in the Republican congress!


Update: It looks like head of Dem House election committee, Rahm Emanuel may have known about the Foley emails a year before they became public.

Noting that "Nancy Pelosi, properly, moved against [Dem. Rep.] Jefferson as soon as the $90,000 was discovered," Howie Klein writes: "Let's see what she does against her boy Rahm now. He should, at the very minimum, be immediately removed from any kind of leadership position inside the Democratic caucus. He should also resign from Congress, but I don't expect to see that until he's eventually caught for many more crimes than those just involving the Foley scandal. Emanuel is worse for the Democratic Party than anything the Republicans can throw our way."
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