SEIU Nurses win concessions [VIDEO]

Taylor Marsh: The power of Unions compels you...
The public support for the SEIU nurse lockout has been amazing. I interviewed Chris Moore, seen in the video to the right, as well as other SEIU nurses. Their courage has paid off, at least as it stands right now.

It's an important fight for so many reasons.
Unions, as I wrote in Hostile Takeover, are the institutions on the front lines fighting for employees and against abuses by big corporate conglomerates whose only goals are to maximize profits. As this conflict shows, unions are fighting both for workers' economic rights and for the environments that will let them do their jobs most effectively - a key attribute indentified in the CAP study that all professional workers see as a major reason unions should expand.

David Sirota
Governor-elect Gibbons and Democrats Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Clark County Commission Chairman Rory Reid helped make this happen. After a very long four hour meeting late yesterday afternoon, the lockout was...

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