Voter Fraud Alert [VIDEO]

Touchscreen Trouble in Texas
This is a dicey subject. Ignore it at your peril, but obsess and you erode confidence and the thing that makes a nation great: the belief that an individual can make a difference.

So watch the local Texas clip to the right, one of many to come no doubt, but read all the way to the bottom of this post. In this local Texas news clip, though the report doesn't dig that far, ES&S voting machines seem to lean right, even when voters don't. It's sort of astonishing that the clip insinuates that all "mistakes" favor Republicans, yet they quote an expert innocuously saying that he believes it's a programming error. But see, he can't know, because nobody's watching. See how that's the problem?

ES&S, a href="//">formerly CEO-ed by Republican Chuck Hagel (whose votes they also counted, hmmm) and with a list of problems a mile long, owns nearly half the voting machines in the nation. Here's the San Antonio Express-News:
There have been, however, significant problems with customer service in the past. These include failure to deliver balloting software on time and a lack of technical assistance during elections. At one point, Secretary of State Roger Williams had to deliver a pungent message to ES&S President and CEO Aldo J. Tesi. In a letter to Tesi in April, Williams decried the company's poor track record and threatened to decertify the company's equipment, withhold grant funding, or seek a legal remedy "if that is what it takes to get your attention."
But for the love of God, don't start down the slippery slope that ends with you on a porch with a shotgun across your lap, respirator strapped to your face, muttering something about the radio waves.

Join one of the numerous efforts to ensure that the vote is honest and legit, and read How to Stop the November Elections from Being Stolen.
Evan Derkacz is an AlterNet editor. He writes and edits PEEK, the blog of blogs.
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