Fox fires back

Still being targeted for his advocacy, Fox stands his ground
At an event for Ohio Senate candidate Sherrod Brown, Michael J. Fox explained, in no uncertain terms, his decision to keep campaigning on behalf of candidates who support funding stem cell research:
As you may know, I had a run-in with a less than compassionate conservative. I guess I'm not supposed to speak with you until my symptoms go away, or maybe I'm supposed to go away, but I'm not going to go away and neither are the millions of Americans and their families who live with these diseases...
The stem cell policy of President Bush that was supported by Senator DeWine is a rejection of the future of medical research. Well, forgive me for this, but it's time we get back to our future...a vote for Sherrod Brown for Senate is a vote for hope and for a better quality of life for millions of Americans...
I'm asking you as an advocate, and a husband and a father to all get active and to stand up for what is right -- what is right for the future of hundreds of millions of Americans who have or are touched by debilitating diseases.
Meanwhile, in the battle between Fox and that less than compassionate conservative, Americans have chosen their sides -- and they aren't too keen on Rushbo, who gets a 26% approval rating to Fox's 75%:

Says John Amato, who's got the video at Crooks & Liars, "I guess attacking people with diseases isn't a very popular move." Huh. Who woulda thunk it?

(The Democratic Party; Crooks & Liars)

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Melissa McEwan writes and edits the blog Shakespeare's Sister.