WWCD? (What Will a Democratic Congress Do?)

The blogosphere lays its bets.
The Democrats are poised to take control of Congress. Public support for Republican control of the legislative branch is at its lowest ebb in a over a decade.

There's still a tough fight ahead, but some Democrats are daring to ask, "What next?" What would a Democratic Congress mean for America and the world?

Josh Marshall expects subpoena power to make a big difference in a Democratic congress:
If the Democrats do really well on November 7th, yes, they'll get the subpoena power that has the White House shaking in its boots. And the president's legislative agenda, as we've known it to date, will cease to exist. But I'm not certain those will be the most consequential changes. After the last six years, it will have a deep effect on the perceptions of both parties. And with a party that has based on so much on bluff, confidence and force, that could be a very big deal.
Imagine an America where John Conyers, author of What Went Wrong in Ohio could convene hearings on election fraud and call witnesses under oath. What if Russ Feingold was in charge of the Judiciary Committee? Maybe we'd finally get to the bottom of the domestic spying scandal.

Jeralyn of TalkLeft suggests that the Dems tackle all those popular programs that the Republicans have been smacking down for political points: stem cell research, the minimum wage, port security, FEMA reform. If the Republicans put up a fight on these issues, Dems will be in even better shape for 2008.

So, what do you think, PEEK readers? What's your Congressional wish list. Tell us what issues will bring you out to the polls in November and why a Democratic Congress is worth fighting for.

I'll publish some of your thoughts in next Thursday's PEEK.

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Lindsay Beyerstein a New York writer blogging at Majikthise.