If everyone agrees the religious right is “nuts,” can liberals <I>finally</I> catch a break?

I’m just looking for some equality here …
If you're a liberal, no matter what you say about religion, no matter how hard you work to distinguish your healthy, natural and wholly-understandable contempt for a small minority of far-right Christian wackos from other people of faith, there’s always someone who will say, excitedly, ‘See! Liberals do have a knee-jerk hostility towards religion!’

You could be talking about a specific Evangelical who was running an underage prostitution ring from the back of his Guatemalan sweat-shop when found torturing cute little puppies and still you would be accused of harboring an irrational and instinctive theophobia.

The corollary is that, because you're alienating an alleged super-majority of hypocritical right-wing televangelists, you're personally responsible for Democrats’ electoral failures, stagnating wages, Reagan’s “Dirty Wars” and the existence of Paris Hilton.

So, I have a question...
Joshua Holland is a staff writer at Alternet and a regular contributor to The Gadflyer.