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The most vile promotion ever

McDonalds + Hummer = kiddie heaven?
You've gotta be kidding me... The EWG (Environmental Working Group) summarizes the ultimate match made in hell better than I could:
This month McDonald's is giving away toy Hummers -- 42 million of them, in eight models and colors -- with every Happy Meal or Mighty Kids Meal. That's right: The fast-food chain that helped make our kids the fattest on Earth is now selling future car buyers on the fun of driving a supersized, smog-spewing, gas-guzzling SUV originally built for the military.
What the hell is wrong with these people?! Thankfully, outraged consumers (some of whom haven't set foot in a McDonalds since Fast Food Nation) are protesting this vulgar celebration of pollution, gas guzzling and greasy excess here. It's fun; you can make your own MickeyD's sign (see the one I made at right) expressing your chagrin. Then send a note to the president of McD's asking him to end this grotesque promotional marriage from hell.

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Laura Barcella is AlterNet's associate editor.