Sim Sweatshop

Online game models harsh realities.
Mark of the Guardian Newsblog spots Sim Sweatshop, an online game designed to illustrate the dismal conditions that millions of low-wage workers encounter every day:
Players have to frantically put together trainers as the clock runs down, using a pathetic wage to buy drink and food to stop their energy bar from disappearing.

There is a daily quota of shoes to hit, with wages being docked if it is missed.

If money runs low, it is a struggle to buy food, and the shoes become blurry as tiredness sets in.

When I played the game - in which joining a union can cost you your job - I lasted the equivalent of three days before running out of money, food and strength.
[Guardian Newsblog]

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Lindsay Beyerstein a New York writer blogging at Majikthise.