President Bush reads

And it gets even "Stranger"
Slate's John Dickerson wants to know why Bush is reading Camus' The Stranger, and the equally curious Steve Benen notes, "It's a novel steeped in philosophy, most notably Camus' existentialism, and delves into a not-so-subtle atheism."

The Stranger is a slim book I first read in high school; I enjoyed it then, and even more so later. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys thinkin', which, admittedly, makes it seem an odd choice for G-Dub, who's not known for his intellectual pursuits.

So, how, one then inevitably wonders, did the president come upon the decision to pick up The Stranger? Perhaps it was the same way I did -- he heard The Cure song based on the book. In my case, well, anything that was of interest to Robert Smith would surely be of interest to me, but I'm thinking G-Dub just fancied the lyrics.

Killing An Arab: Standing on the beach / With a gun in my hand / Staring at the sea / Staring at the sand / Staring down the barrel / At the Arab on the ground / I can see his open mouth / But I hear no sound / I'm alive / I'm dead / I'm the stranger / Killing an Arab...

(Slate, Crooks and Liars)
Melissa McEwan writes and edits the blog Shakespeare's Sister.
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