Holy Joe and the GOP

Will Lieberman rule out a Republican run?
Would Joe Lieberman run as a Republican if he lost the August 8th primary to Ned Lamont? How can we even be asking this question?

Steve Gilliard doesn't mince words:
Holy shit on a stick. Lieberman is swearing what a Dem he his, how he's being tossed out of the party.

Now, Lieberman knowss this would harm the Dems beyond belief if he did this. He would be basically betraying most of what he stood for, or claimed to, for his ego. It's all about staying in Washington.

Even though he would have to attack his former collegues. Ok, Sen. Pryor, Salazaar, gonna back him now? Senator Boxer?

If this is a scare tactic, it's a shitty one. If he's serious, his ego is larger than a novelist's. Either way, I think he should be hammered like a drum.

The fear is deep in Lieberman and it reeks.
[TPM Cafe,
Lindsay Beyerstein a New York writer blogging at Majikthise.
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