Tom DeLay: Valerie Plame was not a CIA agent

CIA agents don't use desks, says former House Majority Leader.
Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay claimed that Valerie Plame was not a CIA agent on CNN's Hardball

John Amato of Crooks and Liars writes:
The Bugman was back on Hardball today and he was really just a swell guy. Delay is totally one hundred percent against any type of leaks—except—if they concern Karl Rove. Tom actually said that Valerie Plame wasn’t even a CIA agent.
Why? The abbreviated version of the DeLay Theory of the CIA is that you can't use a desk and be a CIA agent. It's like how you can't be a Republican and launder money. The law just isn't meant to apply in those special cases. It's an original intent thing. You probably won't understand if you're a Democrat.

[Crooks and Liars]

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Lindsay Beyerstein a New York writer blogging at Majikthise.