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A New Constitution for Bush

Because it's 'patently obvious that Bush lost his copy,' a satire website will purchase (and deliver) a replacement copy of the U.S. Constitution to the president.
This is pretty hilarious. Via Massachusetts-based satire website CrystalAir:
...Donations will be accepted at during the next several months to purchase a beautifully framed copy of the Constitution that the President can proudly hang in the Oval Office.
Additionally, donors will have the opportunity to write a personal message to President Bush, which will be delivered to him along with the new copy of the Constitution. Site co-founders Christopher Adams and Richard Gray have been satirizing the President for various blunders and gaffes during his term in office and have taken note of how often Constitutional law is overlooked by President Bush and his administration.
"It's patently obvious to us that at some point, President Bush must have lost his copy of the Constitution," says Gray. "Without a good copy of the Constitution, it's easy to violate the First, Fourth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments. It is our civic duty to our fellow Americans to take up this cause and help President Bush."
Adams notes that the campaign will serve two purposes: "To give the President a handy reference guide when making important decisions and to provide an outlet for the American people to vent by their comments and the gesture itself."
Laura Barcella is AlterNet's associate editor.