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Danny Glover on LA Community farm loss: 'A national day of shame'

A country that spends $45.8 million an hour on Iraq can't commit to community farms in urban areas.
The sad, bulldozed end to the LA South Central Community Farms was all the more unfortunate because it appeared that there was enough attention and well-organized campaigning about it that would prevent its loss. Sadly, not. A former colleague of mine who was at the protests wrote me on June 1 that it was expected the police would raid the farms at any minute. It took two weeks, but they finally did it.

Actor and activist Danny Glover, who had campaigned for the farms' survival sent out a statement on his disappointment:

"I received the news this morning about what was happening at the South Central Community Farms and it's a very, very sad day. In fact, it ought to be a National Day of Mourning -- a National Day of Shame. What we are witnessing is the wanton and wholesale destruction of a communities' dream. Instead of destroying the dream-we should be embracing it.

"I'm especially saddened for our children. What is the message that we are sending to them when our national priorities are such that we can spend a billion dollars a day -- about $45.8 million an hour -- on the war in Iraq and have a few million dollars domestically be the difference between whether communities like South Central have healthy and nutritious food or not.

"So like thousands of other people around the world today, I am saddened and at the same time I continue to admire, support and gain strength and hope from the courageous example provided by the South Central Farmers. We thank you! Your cause is not lost because the struggle will and must continue."
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.
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