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Populism or pop populism?

A New Dem takes on David Sirota
Over at Donkey Rising (cross-posted from TPM Café), Ruy Teixeira worries that the thesis David Sirota puts forth in his new book, Hostile Takeover, isn't enough to bring working-class voters -- especially white working-class voters -- into the progressive fold.

Teixeira notes that non college-educated whites make up 52 percent of the electorate, and that Kerry and Gore got creamed among the group. Unstated, but a touchstone for all New Dems, is that Clinton won them over with his hundreds of Sister Soulja moments.

Sirota says that the progressive message should be that big-moneyed interests are gaming the system, and that, as a result, America's Main Street moms and pops are getting the shaft. It's a proposition that I find difficult to dispute.

But Teixeira gives it a try:
Joshua Holland is a staff writer at Alternet and a regular contributor to The Gadflyer.
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