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How do you stop a government hell bent on bombing Iran?

The latest evidence is that Bush fired the British foreign secretary because he was opposed to it. What can we do?
Every week, in increasing degrees, we get fresh evidence that the US policy on Iran has been decided upon -- that we will attack Iran. We've heard it from experts; Scott Ritter has told us he believes that Bush has "his eyes firmly set" on attacking Iran. Turkey's foreign minister said last week that his country refused a request from the United States to attack Iran from its Air Force base in Incirlik. The latest is speculation from two British newspapers, the Guardian and the Independent, that Tony Blair fired his foreign minister, Jack Straw, because Bush called him on the phone and told him to do so after Straw called the idea of using nuclear weapons on that country, "completely nuts."

There's a progression here. And it's worth asking ourselves what it would take to in fact prevent an attack on Iran.
We have an administration that is not paying any attention to public opinion. Let's fess up that the peace movement's current tactics (sorry to use the term peace movement, but you know what I mean) -- are seemingly the same ones as the one we tried on Iraq. What's it going to take?

In related news the president of Iran sent a letter to the White House -- the first such communique since 1979 -- proposing "new solutions for getting out of international problems and the current fragile situation of the world." And Russia said the steps the UK had taken at the UN to deal with Iran is the "first step to war."
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.
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