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U.S. hasn't congratulated Romano Prodi

Britain, France, Germany and Israel have said congrats. Is Bush holding out for Italian courts to channel 2000 and pull a <i>Berlusconi v. Prodi</i>?
AP: "Several world leaders, including from Britain, France, Germany and Israel, have called Prodi to congratulate him. However, close Berlusconi allies President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin have not called Prodi yet, his office said Thursday."

That's pretty scummy, and bad diplomacy. Consider that contested ballots have already been reviewed and Prodi's margin of victory remained almost exactly the same.

Berlusconi appears to be resisting the outcome: "'We'll fight. They'll have to deal with us,' Berlusconi was quoted as saying Thursday in the newspaper La Repubblica." Prodi's response: "It is very sad that there should be something like this in a mature democracy."

Why the hell can't we congratulate Prodi? And isn't Bush aware of how bad this looks on the international stage?
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.