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McClellan resigns; Rove, too?

Resignations "rock" the White House.
In a short, to-the-point news conference this morning, White House press secretary Scott McClellan announced his resignation. After giving the usual thanks and bons mots about looking forward to spending more time with his family, Bush responded thusly:
I, first of all, I thank Scott for his service to our country. I don't know whether or not the press corps realizes this, but his is a challenging assignment dealing with you all on a regular basis. And I thought he handled his assignment with class, integrity. He really represents, you know, the best of his family, our state and our country.

It's going to be hard to replace Scott. But nevertheless, he's made the decision, and I accept it.

One of these days, he and I are going to be rocking in chairs in Texas talking about the good old days of his time as the press secretary. And I can assure you, I will feel the same way then that I feel now, that I can say to Scott, job well done.
What's with Bush and rocking chairs? First it was rocking with Frist on his front porch, now it's more of the same in Texas with Scottie.

ITV News is reporting the more earth-shattering news that Karl Rove has resigned as deputy chief of staff as well. There will be much more on this to come later today.
Matthew Wheeland is AlterNet's managing editor.
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