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Bush's White House shakeup: twins on the way out?

Card, Bolten … whatever.
OK, Andy Card's out and Joshua Bolten's in as Chief of Staff. Rob Portman moves over from Trade Rep to become the new WH Budget Director and Portman's former deputy Susan Schwab -- probably the most competent of the bunch -- moves up to the top job.

That should fix everything up just fine. Like a nice new coat of paint on the Hindenburg.

Bush's problems are all reality-based -- Iraq, Katrina, Republican indictments and convictions -- and no amount of lipstick is gonna make that pig pretty. This "shake-up" is meaningless outside the fantasy world of cable news hackery. Chris Matthews was all over it.

Meanwhile, the WaPo, flush with its new Pulitzer for peddling GOP spin about Jack Abramoff*, made a funny — courtesy of Ruth Marcus — at the expense of those perky Bush twins, Jenna and The-One-That's-Not-Jenna.

letter to twins

*Among the WaPo's four Pulitzers was that won by James Risen and Eric Lichtbau for exposing the Bush administration's illegal domestic spying, as well as some excellent work on the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Kudos to them for those wins -- the bit of snark above was aimed squarely at "Steno Sue" Schmidt.
Joshua Holland is a staff writer at Alternet and a regular contributor to The Gadflyer.
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