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Kay Bailey, oh won't you retire?

The good Texas Senator once made a promise on term limits -- all forgotten now.
From Capitol Annex I find that GOP Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson once told The Dallas Morning News in 1993: “I believe our founding fathers were right in maintaining that we should have citizen legislators, people who work for a living, who live with the taxes, who live with the mandates, who go to Washington and do service and come back to live with the laws that they passed." Also from the article: "Ms. Hutchison said senators should be restricted to two six-year terms." Saying it once wasn't enough for Hutchinson.

Oh no, she also made the pledge in 1993: "Treas. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) and Rep. Jack Fields (R-08) 'barn-stormed' across TX 'preaching fiscal conservatism and declaring their candidacies' for the special election to replace Bentsen. Both made stops 'in the state’s major media markets of Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.' Fields 'pledged, and asked his opponents to do the same, to limit future government service to two terms.' Hutchison agreed to sign such a pledge."

And then after she won her first time, Kay Bailey said it again (Austin American Statesman):

“I’ve always said that I would serve no more than two full terms. This may be my last term or I could run for one more. But no more after that. I firmly believe in term limitations and I plan to adhere to that.”

And then she made good on her intentions, pushing for a term limits constitutional amendment in 1995 and in 1997 with then-Sen. John Ashcroft.

And here's Kay Bailey Hutchinson, running for her third term as we speak.
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.